Urgent Notice for all GKS applicants

한양대학교2 2021.05.10 14:57 조회 수 : 1430

Urgent Notice for all GKS applicants


Please note that we have been informed that fraudulent requests for payment were sent to GKS applicants by unidentified sources who falsified our logo and identity.


NIIED releases the 2nd and 3rd round results directly on the studyinkorea GKS Notice board only and does not contact individual applicants regarding selection results or followup guidelines.


Each embassy or university may contact individual applicants regarding their application occasionally, but even such cases neither NIIED, the Embassy, or the University does not request direct payments from applicants in the form of bank transfers in any circumstances.


If you receive such suspicious email, please disregard the message and let us know about the issue immediately. (kgspniied@korea.kr)


Thank you.




Urgent Notice for all GKS applicants.pdf

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