OIA Greeting

Dear Friends And Visitors

Welcome to The Office of International Affairs (OIA)
Located on the Main Campus of Hanyang University (HYU) near The Heart of Seoul


Thank you for visiting the HYU website and for your interest. The primary role of OIA is to serve as a liaison between Hanyang and the global community. This includes a broad range of international organizations and entities ranging from government bodies to private companies, various communities, and a diverse range of individuals, including students, faculty, staff, donors, guests, and so on.

OIA plays a crucial role in advancing HYU’s globalization endeavors and is directly responsible for a number of university programs. These include study abroad, student exchange, a short-term study including language learning, a long-term study including for degrees, faculty exchange, the Hanyang International Summer School (HISS), the Hanyang International Winter School (HIWS), etc.

In addition, OIA also handles all international inquiries, proposals, invitations, and requests for Hanyang University. As a result, OIA is in regular contact with virtually every college, division, department, office, team, and facility throughout the extensive Hanyang University Foundation that includes the Hanyang International Medical Center on campus and the various affiliated schools and institutes.

As Hanyang continues its goal to reach greater levels of internationalization, OIA will be an increasingly integral part of these endeavors. As we strive to serve the university and our partners and friends around the world as efficiently and effectively as possible, our lines of communication are always open.


Thank you.