Research Project

Hanyang Research Project



  • It is designed for international students to enable themselves to work on research projects under the supervision of Hanyang faculty members in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. Students will be able to participate in the different phases of research activities and develop a the network with renowned faculties and postgraduate students during the program.




- If you are currently enrolled in university-level (or higher) institution or
- possess a degree from a university-level (or higher) program




  Program Application
Spring Semester March – June (4 months) October (Year prior)
Fall Semester September – December (4 months) April
Summer Semester July – August (4 weeks – 6 weeks February


Application Procedure

STEP 1 Submit application with required documents via email.
*Required Documents
1) Application Form (Download)
2) CV/Resume (Free format)
3) Official Academic Transcript
4) Certificate(s) from related activities (optional)
STEP 2 Selection result will be announced upon the reviewing application or virtual interview by each project host professor.
STEP 3 Research assistant or professor will contact selected students to initiate the research project.


Program Fee

  Non-Partner University Students Partner University Students
Spring Semester Semester Tuition Waived
Fall Semester
Summer Semester Hanyang International Summer School Program Fee




- Flexible in customizing
- Courses in English
- Experiences at a top private Korean University
- Cultural exposure through excursions



Sample Research Centers

Science - Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Hydrogels
- Reconfigurable polymer composites
- Application of surface modified halloysite at MOF nanocomposites on gas adsorption capacity
- Investigation of phenotypes and genotypes of C.elegans mutants
Technology - Development of a High Efficiency Biogas Production Technology through the Co-digestion of Lipid-waste FOG
- Display and semiconductor research & industry and Film Deposition
- Control of Mobile Robots and Drones
- Smart City, Smart Mobility, Urban Big Data Analysis
- Big Data Analysis using Machine learning methods
Engineering - A bioinspired deformable ionic skin (i-skin) for user-interactive tactile sensing
- Heterogeneous catalysis for hydrogenation and dehydrogenation Reactions
- Layer-by-layer assembly, Nanostructure engineering, Nanocomposites
- Soil improvement by microbial-Induced Calcite Precipitation
- Concrete 3D printer and the concrete structures
- Development of membrane materials and processes for a sustainable future
- Design and manufacturing process of lightweight composite materials and structures
- A Governance Framework for Construction Programs Processed by Multi-national Clients



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  • +82-2-2220-2843