2022 Hanyang Global Fair

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Hanyang OIA is looking for the exchange students who want to enjoy the fair with HYU students and other exchange students by running the Fair Booth themselves.

1. Fair Day: Thursday, May 19, 2022 11:00~15:00
2. Place: In front of HYU Lion Statue
 (near the exit 2 of Hanyang University subway station)
3. Theme
- Culture: Introducing your own country's culture and your home University in traditional clothes
- Eat: Prepare take-out food (dessert, etc.) and share it with Hanyang University students and other exchange students.
- Play: Introduction of the game/play culture of your home country or doing QUIZ

0. Fair is open to anyone without additional applications, and only students who want to run their own booth need to fill out this Google Form.
1. Students who wish to participate in the program must participate in the orientation held from 17:00 to 18:30 on Thursday, April 14, 2022.
2. You can apply individually or as a team(same nationality), and if you apply individually, OIA will organize the team and the booth based on the Google Form’s Nationality and Theme.
3. Certain amount of activity fee will be paid for each booth.
4. If you want to run the booth as a team, please answer the last question and give us the information of your team. (1. Student ID no, 2. Name of all team members 3. Whether their Buddy will attend or not). Students with the same nationality can participate as a team. The number of team members is limited to four.

<Important Dates>

- 2022.04.01.(Fri.)~2022.04.10.(Sun.): Application period
- 2022.04.14.(Thu): Orientation Day
- 2022.05.01.(Sun.): Deadline for Booth Plan (Submit to OIA)
- 2022.05.04.(Wed)~2022.05.18.(Wed): Preparation for Fair
- 2022.05.19.(Thu): Fair Day

<Application Link>
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