1. **Application Period**: Until Monday, June 10, 2024, 23:45
- **Announcement of Document Screening Results**: Scheduled for the morning of June 11 (Tuesday)
- **Interviews**: June 12 (Wednesday) * Conducted via Zoom
- **Final Announcement**: Scheduled for the morning of June 13 (Thursday)
- **Orientation and Preliminary Training Kick-off**: To be announced later
(※ Mandatory attendance, participation is required to be eligible for the program)

2. **Number of Participants**: 15 students (10 domestic students + 5 international students)

3. **Eligibility**:
(1) Current undergraduate or graduate students at Hanyang University *Must be enrolled in a department
participating in LINC 3.0 (mandatory)
- Must be registered for the 2nd semester and enroll in the 2024-2 Global Capstone Design (tentative, 1
credit) course
- Check the list of participating departments in LINC 3.0 in the [attached file]
(2) Proficiency in English (interviews will be conducted in English)
(3) Availability to participate in all pre-event schedules


4. **How to Apply**: Apply through the Hanyang University extracurricular integrated management system,
HY-LU (https://hylu-s.hanyang.ac.kr/ko/program/all/view/1735)
* Notification of selection results will be sent via HeyYoung alert and email on June 11 (Tuesday)
(ensure your contact information is updated in the portal)


5. **Submission Method**: Use the Hanyang University extracurricular integrated management system, HY-LU


6. **Activity Period**: Friday, August 5, 2024, to Wednesday, August 14, 2024


7. **Location**: Hanyang University and various locations throughout Seoul


8. **Participant Benefits**:
- Issuance of a program completion certificate
- On-site visits to companies in Seoul and interviews with business professionals
- Support for all educational and activity-related expenses (participation fee support)
- Issuance of a completion certificate from the Director of Global Social Innovation
- Awarding of HY-LU points (for those who complete the program) - Points will be distributed in installments
through the system

**Contact**: Hanyang University Global Social Innovation Team (02-2220-0588), a076563@hanyang.ac.kr


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