[채용] i-ESG 채용 공고

[i-ESG] 포스코 사내벤처에서 Data Researcher를 모집합니다.
i-ESG, a leader in ESG-focused AI/Big Data-enabled B2B SaaS solutions, is expanding! 
We are actively seeking Backend Engineers, Front-end Engineers, and Data Researchers to join our team.
ESG is a rapidly growing regulated sector. By providing a data-driven integrated ESG management solution using innovative technologies, i-ESG supports companies to effectively respond to ESG-related requirements from various stakeholders.
i-ESG provides an All-In-One ESG digital solution enabling companies to know, manage, and deliver ESG better.
i-ESG covers including but not limited to ESG Self-Assessment, Materiality issue identification, ESG Reporting Automation, AI-driven Improvement Feedback, ESG Management Dashboard, ESG Intelligence, GHG Emission Management.
This position starts with a 6-month contract, with the opportunity to transition to a full-time role. Visa sponsorship is a possibility, contingent upon eligibility.
▣ Apply Here : https://expat.careers/companies/i-esg?c=MrUrm3IC
▣ Deadline : ~ 23/11/01


[Job Description]
You'll be pivotal in collecting and managing ESG data from both domestic and international sources, helping build a comprehensive database. Furthermore, you'll be closely monitoring key trends in the ESG sector and extracting valuable insights from the data. 
▣ Responsibilities
• Collect global sustainability reports.
• Research ESG regulations and laws.
• Conduct statistical analysis on ESG data.
• Maintain an organized ESG database.
• Extract valuable insights from collected data.
• Develop ESG-related content and documents (white papers, manuals, etc.) 
▣ Qualifications
• Proficiency in data collection and web search techniques
• Fluent in English, with a focus on data interpretation and classification
• Hold a 4-year bachelor's degree or higher, or be a current student
▣ Preferred Qualifications
• A background in environment and sustainability management
• Strong data collection and analysis skills 
[Additional Information]
▣ Employment type
6-months contract ( It could be adjusted through further discussion as needed. )
▣ Standard working hours
9:00 - 18:00
▣ Recruiting Process
Document screening > Online Interview > Offline Interview > Hiring
▣ Benefits
• Equipment support with a work laptop and dual monitors.
• Educational expenses and seminar fees.
• Unlimited snacks and premium coffee.
• Social insurance.
• Get one day of leave per month. 
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